Having worked alongside many great songwriters, I’ve taken part in a variety of different methods for crafting hooky songs. Despite the contrasts in their working methods, all of these songwriters have reflected the author’s formula in their compositions; an intriguing fact to consider.”

-Butch Vig, Grammy Award Winning Record Producer (Foo Fighters, Green Day, Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Muse), Hit Songwriter (Garbage, Princess Paragon)

“When I first met (author) and heard him sing I knew he was a bright light. His songs are clever and show the innocence of great pop/rock & roll. It was a real pleasure to collaborate with him. “

-Jim Peterik, Grammy Award Winning Songwriter (of The Ides of March, formerly of Survivor and of 38 Special Fame). Co-writer of “Eye of the Tiger”, author of Songwriting for Dummies.

A unique insight on how to tap into the devices that hit songs employ. This particular observation about popular music is very compelling. This book will change the way you write and listen to music.”

– Robert Cutarella, Grammy Award Winning Record Producer (Les Paul, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck) Hit Songwriter (Songland, Ben Platt)